A collection of my projects from work experience, classroom experience, and hackathons.
My github and bitbucket repos are set to private due to NDAs, and other confidential agreements, but message me if you want to learn more!
BSJAS Website:
Redesigned and implemented website for Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies. Used HTML, CSS, Javascript, Gatsby, and React.js

My Green Car:
Android mobile application which tracks user driving habits and uses an algorithm to recommend the most energy efficient electric vehicles a user should purchase based on their driving habits.

General Motors Owner Center Website
Developed functional prototype of GM owner center site with HTML5, CSS, SASS, SVG animations, gulp.js, and handlebars.js.
Berkeley Student Journal of Asian Studies

Survey Tool:
Used Javascript, Meteor.js, and MongoDB to create a fully functioning survey tool that allows users to upload a JSON file, and creates a survey interface from the JSON File. Stores the survey contents in a database so that it can be retaken at any time. Also stores responses and aggregates the information and displays survey results.

Bluetooth application for taking attendance at large meetings with your smartphone. 

Created a version control system for managing products, mirroring the features of Git. Emphasized the serialization and manipulation of files to compress, access, and manage file content efficiently. Stressed the employment of appropriate data structures.

Relational Database Management System:
Stores tables of data which a user can retrieve or cross-reference through a simple query language. Allows users to create new tables from the existing tables by referencing the column names and comparing them to user-inputed values.

Canfield Solitaire:
Implemented the Graphical User Interface for a game of Canfield Solitaire that was previously written.

***Contact Me for more details about these projects, or if you would like to view specific work.

Relevant Coursework
Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems
Artificial Intelligence
Data Structures and Advanced Programming
Introduction to Database Systems
Introduction to Data Science
Designing Information Devices and Systems
Industrial Design and Human Factors
The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Great Ideas in Computer Architecture
Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory
Website Design
Critical Making

Java, Git, HTML5, JavaScript/jQuery, SQL, Python, C
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